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Rosenbloom Religious school Community

Please help RRS plant trees in Israel in celebration of Israel's 75th Birthday! You can donate below, as well as share this fundraiser with your family and friends.

Together, let's plant a forest!

Tomorrow is the big day! We look forward to welcoming all our RRS student bowlers for Bo Lishtol tomorrow morning! Additionally, we have SURPASSED our new goal of $3,000, after already blowing by our previous goal! We are so incredibly grateful to our Rosenbloom Religious School community for making such generous contributions towards planting trees in Israel, as well as driving such great enthusiasm for Sunday's celebration!


Another shot of Rabbi Seltzer working on space to plant a new tree in Israel.

Here are a couple of throwback pictures of Rabbi Seltzer planting trees in Israel in the '90s!


Come visit and take a look at our "live tree tracker" just outside the Religious School office!


Another strike about to be thrown!

One of our youngest bowlers lines up his next shot!

This past Sunday, our youngest students got to learn about the Bo Lishtol program!


Another ace bowler steps up to the lane!

The most casual strike you'll ever see!

Already getting a few frames of practice in!

Rabbi Seltzer introducing the phrase "Bo Lishtol" to our students.

We can't wait to celebrate with our students! Tonight marks the beginning of our tzedakah collection drive - all tzedakah brought into Rosenbloom Religious School from now until April 30 will go towards planting trees in Israel!


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