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Forestry & Green Innovations 

Covering over 250,000 acres, Jewish National Fund forests provide an invaluable green canopy for both the people of Israel and the roughly 2,241 different species of animals and birds who call it home. From the mighty oak and the almond, to the cypress and the exotic Atlantic cedar, every tree makes a difference, every tree connects to the future, and every tree calls out, "Am Yisrael Chai".

Today, we must grapple with the challenge of balancing the phenomenal growth and development Israel has experienced in the last decade with the maintenance of an ecologically sound environment. That’s why our role as guardian of the land has become ever more critical and includes firefighting and fire prevention, soil conservation, combating desertification, and developing agricultural infrastructure.
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Suzanne and Michael Land and Testa$180

In memory of Arthur Calem

RRS Tzedakah collection$713

RRS student tzedakah collection in honor of Israel's 75th birthday.

Rabbi Stuart Seltzer$100

Rosenbloom Religious School plants for the future! Thank you for giving Israel such an important gift!

Rabbi Debi Wechsler$100

Awesome job! Happy Birthday Israel!

Rabbi Joshua Gruenberg$200

Great Job RRS!

Michelle Richman$36
Orly Purrio$50

יום עצמאות שמח❤️🇮🇱🎉

Courtney Weiner$36
Steve Heller$18

In support of Noa Reynolds’ participation in the tree-planting campaign for bo lishtol.

Steve Heller$18

In support of Micah Reynolds’ participation in the tree-planting campaign for bo lishtol.

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