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Westchester & Southern Connecticut Emergency Campaign for Israel

JNF-USA Westchester & S. CT

JNF-USA Westchester & S. CT

If you want to know what resilience looks like, speak to any Israeli living along the border with Gaza. They describe it as 99% heaven and 1% hell.

Yes, the 1% is taking place right now. However, thanks to your support JNF-USA is doing everything we can to protect and strengthen our family in Israel.

• JNF-USA Resilience Centers in Eshkol, Ramat HaNegev and Sha’ar HaNegev have swung into action.
• Our fortified Indoor Playground in Sderot and Children’s protected Kingdom in Eshkol are there to keep children safe.
• The newly completed Animal Therapy Center in Sderot is preparing to help those affected by the current situation.
• We continue to support local firefighters with fire trucks, wagons, and stations.
• We continue to build up communities and work on housing sites because we always plan for the future.

While we hope and pray that the violence ends, we know that NOW is the time to act. And there is no better time. May is Women’s Month at Jewish National Fund, so all gifts made by women will be matched x2 – doubling the impact of your gift.

In light of this, Westchester & S. CT Women for Israel are stepping up. Please join us TODAY to support those living in terror along the Gaza border. Donate here and email Rebecca Zimilover at rzimilover@jnf.org to learn more about how you can help.

Live update from Halutza region with Yedidya Harush, JNF-USA liaison

I am absolutely in awe of how quickly we reached our goal!! Thank you all for your support and help in supporting our friends and family in the Gaza Envelope. I encourage you to watch this video of JNF-USA liaison to Halutza (on the border of Gaza & Egypt), Yedidya Harush, doing our daily Zoom update yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9umnXjyyMQs (trigger warning: rockets overhead) Please continue to spread this page and the message with your communities. Yedidya was in touch to let me know that he desperately needs funds for fire-fighting equipment. Let's continue to make a difference where we can!


raised of $10,000 goal

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