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Help the Children of Southern Israel Recover

Congregation Brothers Of Israel / Congregation Torat El - Jersey Shore Jewish Center

Congregation Brothers of Israel / Congregation Torat El - Jersey Shore Jewish Center

Over the past several Weeks we’ve witnessed our brothers and sisters in Israel undergo tremendous trauma, living under constant rocket attacks, and experiencing riots and violence throughout the country, the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades. We have been so inspired by the outpouring of support and solidarity with Israel from our Jersey Shore Jewish community. While we thank Gd the ceasefire is holding, life is far from normal for Israelis living in the communities that border Gaza, and there is still so much to do to restore these communities and mend the emotional and physical damage caused.
Southern Israel’s Gaza Envelope region is home to tens of thousands of people who have shown tremendous resilience in the face of terror for decades. Many of the 20,000 people of Sderot, the 15,000 people of Eshkol, and the 9,000 people of Sha’ar HaNegev suffer from PTSD; a majority of whom are children. It takes a long time for these communities to regain a sense of normalcy after each Red Alert warns them of incoming missiles that fall on schools and communities during "quiet times," as well as during and after each IDF operation.

Why would Israelis choose to live in such an area? For many of the same reasons people choose to live in Monmouth County. The sense of community that residents share in the border kibbutzim and moshavim, the beauty and the pace of daily life, the economic benefits of living away from the population centers, and a pioneering spirit. As many of the area’s residents say, “Life on the border is 95% heaven and 5% hell.”
We invite you to join us in supporting Israel’s recovery through a campaign with Jewish National Fund-USA, an organization that has been supporting these communities for decades, and will continue to do so for generations to come. JNF-USA has built four Resilience Centers throughout the area, as well as a new resilience center under construction in Sderot. Each serves as a life line for the community where people can seek vital support during good times and bad. The centers have reported an overflow of calls by residents seeking assistance over the past few weeks.

Our goal is to raise $18,000 as a Jersey Shore community, which will go to support ongoing efforts at the JNF-USA Resilience Centers including:
-Therapy and mental health services for children and adults suffering from PTSD and anxiety
-Animal therapy
-A special hotline for anyone in need of support

Please make a meaningful donation on this page TODAY!

To mail a check, please contact Anna Millstein at amillstein@jnf.org or 973-593-0095 x 826.

Together with Congregation Brothers of Israel and Congregation Torat El-The Jersey Shore Jewish Center we know we can make a lasting impact on our brothers and sisters in Israel.

In friendship,
Jana Adelson
Rabbi Nasanayl Braun
Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun
Together, we can make a difference!


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