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The People of Israel are not resting, and neither will we. 
We are all devastated by the loss of life, and are praying for the families of the victims, the IDF soldiers who are bravely working to defend our homeland, our friends and loved ones, and everyone impacted by terrorism and war in Israel.
We have heard stories of heroism and stories of horror. We have lost loved ones, seen teenagers and the elderly kidnapped, and fought against homes being set on fire.
We are hard at work finding ways to help ease their pain and trauma, through temporary housing for displaced residents, fire and rescue equipment, respite activities, psychological support, and more. In this time of great uncertainty, the needs are changing every moment, but one thing is certain: Jewish National Fund-USA is on the ground supporting the land and people of Israel every day, and we will not stop now.

We cannot sleep, and we cannot sit on the sidelines. Join us in our efforts to support the land and people of Israel. 
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