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The People of Israel are not resting, and neither will we. 
During Operation Breaking Dawn, as over 1,000 rockets were aimed at our friends and family, Jewish National Fund-USA held an emergency call with all our affiliates and partner organizations in Israel. We listened to their stories; how many of them evacuated their communities of Sderot, Eshkol, and Sha’ar Hanegev, and the levels of stress suffered throughout the country.  


We immediately worked to find accommodations and transportation for residents living in evacuation zones, and to supply meals and food for people displaced from their homes

Now, as always, we continue to: 
---Provide respite activities for families
---Build and paint new and existing bomb shelters
---Support resilience therapy centers for those suffering from PTSD
---Maintain our fortified indoor playground in Sderot and GrooveTech Center in Eshkol, where children can ​play safely
---So much more 

We cannot sleep, and we cannot sit on the sidelines. Join us in our efforts to support the land and people of Israel. 
raised of $10,000,000 goal

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