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MJC Paint A Shelter Fundraising Page

Jules Cohn

Jules Cohn

JNF, works with the Israeli Government, to provide“portable” bomb shelters where needed. The shelters are placed in communities where people live in "temporary" housing and might wait 3-5 years for their permanent homes to be built. Also by older homes without built-in shelters. You find shelters in communal areas, and by every bus stop or train station in the region. Big, ugly grey cubes that are functional but not nice to look at.

Ten years ago, a resident of the Gaza area who loved to paint, decided to beautify a shelter. What was ugly became a work of art. People saw it and wanted the ones near them painted. That is where you come in.

MJC is sponsoring the painting of ONE shelter with a goal of raising $5,000. The MJC name will be worked into the artwork. Please help to beautify communities.

Together, we can make a difference!

A View of Nature

Shelter Transformed into a VW Bus


raised of $5,000 goal

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