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Susan Feigenbaum

Susan Feigenbaum

Both Jay Stuart Pepose and I mourn the murder of our friend Ofir Libstein, Mayor of Shaar Hanegev regional council, a partner of JNF-USA. Ofir was killed while fighting to defend his Kibbutz in the Gaza Envelope from terrorists. Baruch Dayan Haemet.

We have been supporters of building middle-class housing in low-density communities within the Green Lines through JNF. Sadly, several of these Southern communities were invaded, massacred and burned 3 days ago. PLEASE GIVE to Jewish National Fund through this Page so that it can rebuild the lives of our brothers and sisters.
What should have been the most joyous time of the Jewish year - Simchat Torah - has become a day of bereavement for both Jews and nonJews alike. Hamas terrorists, with their state-sponsor Iran, have taken inhumanity and barbarism to a new low. Babies, the elderly, disabled, youth enjoying music in the name of peace, bedouins, tourists....we weep for everyone who has been murdered, wounded, kidnapped and terrorized by these Hamas WAR CRIMES. For those who naively take the "side" of these terrorists, understand 4 things: (1) Hamas invaded the internationally-recognized borders of the State of Israel - this is not about "disputed" lands; (2) Gaza's "conditions" are largely the result of Egyptian policies, which shut down its border with Gaza many, many years ago - clearly Muslims don't view themselves as their brothers' keepers. While Israel offers Gaza residents passage into Israel for employment and medical care, Egypt has locked its doors and shoots first at transgressors. Why is it that Israel supplies food and power to Gaza, and not Egypt? Far more telling is that a precondition for Egypt making peace with Israel 44 years ago was that ISRAEL TAKE OVER GOVERNANCE OF GAZA FROM THE EGYPTIANS...looking back, was the peace worth it? (3) Ariel Sharon made the mistake of trusting the promise of "land for peace" by withdrawing from Gaza, at the behest of world and Palestinian leaders, none of whom have honored their word since the withdrawal took place in 2005; (4) there has never been a group of "displaced" persons from war that has remained displaced for as long as the Palestinians, 75 years, whether it was the DP camps of World War II, the Bosnian conflict, or Rwanda - the Palestinians have been pawns of the global Muslim community which could have easily absorbed them two generations ago and provided them with lives worth living.

For our St. Louis friends, please follow the outrageous position that is being taken by Cori Bush, one of STL's congressional representatives. She is calling for an immediate end of military support to Israel by the U.S. PLEASE do everything you can in both the short and longer run to SILENCE her dangerous rhetoric and oppose her in the next election cycle.
We pray that all Americans who are currently in Israel remain safe and that all hostages are released as a sign that there is at least one iota of humanity remaining among the Palestinians.


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