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Philadelphia Board of Directors

Samantha Van Adelsberg

Samantha van Adelsberg


The Philadelphia Board of Directors is undertaking a project in support of Jewish National Fund's much-needed Bomb Shelter Beautification program. With this project, we are rising to the call to combat many previous acts of terror in the Gaza Envelope area.

For more than seventeen years, the more than 50,000 residents living along the Gaza Envelope have endured continual attacks from the bordering Gaza Strip - children and adults alike suffer from PTSD due to these continuous attacks.

We, the supporters of Jewish National Fund of Greater Philadelphia led by our Philadelphia Board of Directors, have made it our mission to support two such bomb shelters.

Not only will the bomb shelters serve as a safety refuge for Israelis in times of desperate need, but they will also serve as beautiful works of art symbolizing our Philadelphia pride. One bomb shelter will serve as an homage to historic Philadelphia and the other will feature our favorite Philadelphian sports teams and mascots.

The cost to beautify one bomb shelter is $10,000, which seeks to ease PTSD in both children and adults in the local community. We plan to work with local artist, Elyasaf Miara, to create a beautiful and creative shelter that is adorned with kid-friendly art and joyful scenes, making the shelter less scary to enter in the case of an emergency.

JOIN US by contributing a minimum gift of $500 to our overall fundraising goal of $20,000 so that we can help to create a calming oasis for families when emergencies strike.



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A short time-lapse video of a bomb shelter being painted

After painting

Before painting


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