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Dr. Linda Kaplan Birthday Fun-Raiser 12/2/21

Linda Kaplan

Linda Kaplan

The town of Halutza is one of many towns, constantly under rocket fire in the Gaza Envelope, and Jewish National Fund-USA has already made a huge impact by building above-ground bomb shelters that each have a 10-12 person capacity across the region.

Local graffiti artist, Elyasaf Miara, is working with JNF-USA to beautify the bomb shelters as a way to accelerate fundraising to build more shelters. There are only enough shelters currently for 50% of the population in the region.

This project has become a social media sensation with tourists and young Israelis who visit on the weekends from the big cities coming by to take selfies in front of them. This has been driving tourism dollars spent at the local markets when out-of-town guests come by for the day. The impact of having beautiful works of art around the cities has also been transformative for the residents, especially the children who suffer from PTSD.

As part of this year's Broward Breakfast for Israel on December 2nd, for my birthday, please consider a gift of any amount to help me crowdfund a shelter. The total cost is $5,000. For gifts of $250+, your name can be included on the mural!

Thank You! Am Yisrael Chai!


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