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Green Horizons offers outdoor, educational activities to Israeli youth in grades 5-12. This transformative program takes participants on hiking and camping trips throughout the country, with the goal of building interpersonal and leadership skills and fostering a strong connection to the land of Israel. Separated from their smartphones, television and computers and immersed in nature, Green Horizons participants learn about Israel’s history, geography, and culture through various activities. The program emphasizes the importance of social participation, tolerance and personal responsibility, using group dynamics to help the youngsters acquire essential values and skills.

Funding Opportunities
$1,800:  Scholarship per Student for One Year
Includes the cost of hiking and camping trips throughout the Negev and Galilee that promote self-confidence, independence, social responsibility, and an appreciation for Israel's history and natural beauty.

$2,500: Outdoor Equipment and Supplies for up to 5 Students per Year

$3,600: College Scholarship for Counselors
One-year scholarship per counselor to attend college in Israel's North or South while they lead Green Horizons groups, encouraging them to move to those regions and fulfill JNF's vision. 

$5,000: Summer Counselor Course
Sponsor this 4-8 week course for a counselor and develop a future leader. 

raised of $100,000 goal

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Deborah Sokoler$25
Karen & Bob Gordon$500

This donation honors the patience and generosity of Glenn Grossman!

Eyal & Debra Golan$180

Mazal Tov to Samuel & Jonathan Mitchell and to the whole Mitchell family! Looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend !! With Love, Eyal & Debra Golan

Dan and Sue Kaskel$180

Mazel tov to Samuel and Jonathan Mitchell on your bar mitzvas!! And mazel tov to Alex & Yochi Micthell and family!!

Lonnie Zwerin$100

In honor of Sheldon Wolfe Lonnie Zwerin and Frank Mainzer

Phyllis Kopp$118

Thanks for this wonderful project

Reagan Weil$30

Blue box donation from the Weil house. Testing this format of giving.

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