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Middlesex/Monmouth Community Bomb Shelter in Halutza

Anne/Adrian Kroll

Anne/Adrian Kroll

Please join us in supporting our fundraising campaign to build a bomb shelter to protect the pioneers of the community of Halutza in the Negev desert of Israel during this on going war. Yes, they are even more crucial today then ever before! When you hear a siren in the United States, you are not pressured to run to a safe place within 15 seconds — nor do we live in communities interspersed with cement bomb shelters. For two decades, Israeli Gaza Envelope residents have endured continual attacks from the bordering Gaza Strip – rockets, incendiary balloons, and more. The community of Halutza is only 4.3 miles from the Gaza Strip. To put this in perspective, this distance is roughly the same as the distance between the World Trade Center and Times Square in New York City. On October 7th, their lives were changed forever. Due to their close proximity to Gaza, the brave residents of Haltuza were evacuated from their homes, without knowing when they will be able to return. They left behind their hopes and dreams, but their spirit is not broken. Please join us in restoring their sense of safety and confidence that they will be safe when they return. They need to return home so that they can go back to school and work which will restore some normalcy back into their lives. Halutza is home to Israel's largest dairy farm and without it's staff production will cease. Shloshim has just past and it is a custom to give tzedakah (charity) in memory of the deceased. Over 1400 Israeli's were murdered on October 7th.Bomb shelters provide protection from rockets that besiege families in the region. Jewish National Fund-USA seeks to calm the residents by ensuring that safety is always within reach.
Roadside Shelters
* Protects up to 15 residents with a
fortified bomb shelter and real floor,
day or night
* Provides essential shelter for
residents when they are not near their
home– the park, playground bus stop,
driving to work, etc.
*COST-$50,000.00 per shelter
* NEED: 6 Roadside shelters
Won't you please join us in this wonderful mitzvah and support our campaign for this bomb shelter to ensure that they are protected. We are honored to provide a MATCHING GIFT of up to $25,000.00 for half the cost of a bomb shelter. Am Yisrael Chai, Anne and Adrian Kroll


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