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Located in the Northwest Negev on Israel’s borders with Egypt and Gaza, Halutza was founded by a group of families evacuated from the Gush Katif communities of Atzmona and Netzarim during Israel’s disengagement from Gaza. They moved to this remote corner of the desert – which had never been inhabited or farmed – because they saw the development of the Negev as Israel’s next national mission. Their 21st century pioneering spirit serves as the engine to bring other new people to the region.
Funding Opportunities
$1,800 Art Kits for Shelters

Provide art kits for children in local shelters to pass the time during emergency situations.
$2,500 Plant Trees in a Garden and Playground
Enhance the quality of life of area residents by planting trees in a garden at a local Halutza Playground.
$3,600 Medical Equipment
Provide much needed medical equipment to the Helmsley Charitable Trust Halutza Medical Center.
$10,000 Paint A Bomb Shelter
Beautify a bomb shelter to make it less frightening for children by painting it with artful scenes. 
raised of $100,000 goal

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Recent Donations

Barry Waldman$720

Please use this donation to help provide psychological support services for the children of Halutza.

Sigal Lerner$180
Stephen Wasserman$100

In Honor of Yonaton Reisman

Stephen Wasserman$500

In Honor of Tanner Wasserman

Noah Chinitz$250

Ari Bar Mitzvah donation. Mazal Tov to all!

Allison Oppenheim$100
Allison Oppenheim$1,500
Karen Kuflik$180

Congrats to our Harrison b’nai Mitzvot!!!

Amy Walter$120

Congratulations Yonatan!

Sidney Reisman$5,000
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