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Birthday Present in honor of Aghdas Sarraf

Friends & Family Of Aghdas Sarraf

Friends & Family of Aghdas Sarraf

In honor of our dear Aghdas' 80th & Fabulous Birthday, a donation fund has been set up in lieu of physical gifts. For all those who were hoping to gift her, please consider making a donation to support a remote Medical Hospital in Halutza, an Israeli religious community bordering Gaza and Egypt, in her honor. Every dollar collected will help provide medical access for the incredible families living in this area. We will present a beautiful certificate to Aghdas on behalf of us all at the party.

Please select "Donate" to contribute by credit card, or donations can be made by mail via check to:

Jewish National Fund-USA
Attn: Ashley Emrani
42 East 69th St
New York, NY 10021

If you have any questions, please contact JNF-USA Director Ashley Emrani at aemrani@jnf.org or 212.879.9375 ext. 501.

Looking for to celebrating with you all! Thank you everyone!! 🥳🎉


raised of $1,800 goal

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