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Safe Sports Bar Mitzvah Project

JNF-USA Westchester & S. CT

JNF-USA Westchester & S. CT

We are a group of Westchester bar mitzvah boys who love sports! When we heard about the challenges facing our peers living in the Halutza communities on the Gaza Border, we knew that we wanted to do something to help through Jewish National Fund-USA.

Located in the Northwest Negev on Israel’s borders with Egypt and Gaza, Halutza houses 2,500 families in three communities: Naveh, Bnei Netzarim, and Shlomit. Children make up 68% of the population.

Due to their proximity to the Gazan and Egyptian borders, this region is particularly susceptible to terror, and residents – especially children – often suffer from PTSD and other anxiety disorders.

JNF-USA is in the final stages of building an all-purpose sports complex in Halutza. This complex will have the ability to house lacrosse, soccer, football, and other team sports. The covered structure includes an attached bomb shelter large enough to hold the capacity of the stadium.

The stadium is $25,000 away from completion of Phase A, which we are proud to be fundraising for in honor of our B'nei Mitzvot. We hope that you will join us by making a contribution today!

Architect just finished this field in Hafetz Haim and is using this same plan in Halutza, so we can see exactly what it will look like when completed

Rendering of Soccer & Lacrosse field

Current progress on the field

Current progress on the field

Halutza Field Rendering


raised of $25,000 goal

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