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My Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI-JNF) Fundraising Page

Gavriel Porten

Gavriel Porten

For the past seven years, I have had the privilege of teaching at Alexander Muss. My students have traveled the land, learned about its history, strengthening their Jewish identity. The personal ties and spiritual bonds they formed throughout the journey are still with them, years later.

Unfortunately, we have had to take the unprecedented step of stopping our journeys, shutting our doors and closing campus. Our future, like that of so many other organisations, is very uncertain.

In order to help us get through this global crisis and to be ready to continue the amazing work that we do, please consider making a contribution to our emergency campaign. Our parent organisation, JNF, will be matching whatever we raise, dollar for dollar.

I'll start it off with my own contribution. Join me and together, we can make a huge difference, ensuring that we are continuing to connect the next generation to Israel.
Thank you so much for your support!

Looking forward to seeing you back here soon!


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