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Doug Liebman

2020 Olympics

I became a member of the JNF-USA Baseball and Softball Task Force (then Called Project Baseball) in 2015. The ride since then has been one that has been amazing, including: Women's National Softball Team competing in their first World Championship in Surrey Canada in 2016 to finishing fourth in the European Championships in 2021!

In the fall of 2016 the Men's National Baseball Team qualified for the 2017 World Baseball Classic (under Major League Baseball guidelines) and then went to Korea and Japan to win four consecutive games against S. Korea, The Netherlands, Taiwan & Cuba (all top 10 teams) which was well documented in the movie Heading Home (look for me video bombing Scottsdale scenes).

Then in 2019 Team Israel (all had to be Israeli citizens) went to Europe winning the B Pool, advancing to the A Pool and ultimately won the Europe-Africa Olympic qualifier that will has the team competing as one of six baseball teams in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo!

We are now finishing our National home in Beit Shemesh, about to compete in Major League Baseball’s Wotld Baseball Classic, and have exciting other field building projects leading up to the Euro Championships being hosted in Israel! Help me support all of the young and old Olim by making whatever contribution you I can. I want girls and boys to have a team waiting when their parents move them to our ancestral homeland!

Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved in JNF-USA Baseball and Softball!

Together, we can make a difference!

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