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Support Team Israel and Project Baseball

This July, Team Israel will take 24 players to Tokyo, Japan for the Olympic games.
YOU can be the 25th player on Team Israel.
The 2021 Olympics will be an explosive return to normalcy for the entire world.
We’ll be there.
And you, our fans, will be with us. In the dugout. On the field. At opening ceremonies.
Support Team Israel. Help us get to Tokyo and win a medal. Be the 25th player!!
We are the first Israeli National Team since 1976 to qualify for an Olympic team competition. Against all odds, we will be one of six teams competing for a medal. How amazing would it be to see the Israeli National Flag on the medal podium! Join us today and support the Israel Baseball Team as we prepare for the Olympics. 

Let's get started!



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Mazel Tov and Go Team - Am Yisrael

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