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Returning to Alumim

Ernest Elias

Ernest Elias

As a result of the massacre of Oct 7th 2023 (which, for Israelis, was an event equivalent to 6 times 9/11 in New York) all the communities within 7km of the Gaza Border were immediately evacuated to various locations around Israel. Apart from the ongoing war in Gaza, these communities all faced enormous challenges living in temporary accommodation while trying to manage their childrens’ education, their jobs and their day to day lives. JNF-USA has been at the forefront, providing for the needs of evacuees, preparing and rebuilding for evacuees to return home.

More than 6 months on there is an urgency for them to return. Not to do so would leave the areas abandoned with terrible demographic and economic consequences and would be a “win” for Hamas. The Israeli Government has provided some economic support for the evacuees but this is being run down before the end of July. The Government is also providing funds for large infrastructural improvements in the area (Tekuma region) but this does not address the pressing needs of individual families in the region.

Kibbutz Alumim, less than 3 miles from Gaza had a population of 500 (175 of whom were under 18) on Oct 6th. It hosted one of the largest dairy farms in Israel as well as a lot of other agricultural activities. Although the terrorists from Gaza destroyed a lot of the agricultural facilities, the houses were basically untouched so that people are physically able to go back and live there without the substantial reconstruction needed in other communities nearby such as Be’eri and Nir Oz.

Returning to Alumim asked the members of the kibbutz what was most important to them to enable them to go back with their families. Based on what they told us we developed a plan to help them return as quickly as possible. You can see the plan and more information on what we are doing by clicking this link:

As you can see there is an urgent need to help families Returning to Alumim to do so confidently, successfully and safely. Their Return strengthens the Land of Israel and the People of Israel and enables them to rebuild their lives with peace of mind in their own homes.

Your help will make a huge difference to these families and contribute to maintaining a strong Israel. JNF has graciously agreed to partner with us by providing a $1 for $1 matching grant for everything we raise. We are expecting to send the first $0.4M to Alumim before the end of May. Timing is critical because we want to enable everyone who wants to return to do so comfortably before the end of summer 2024. Every $ raised will be sent to Alumim.

Many of the people we have spoken to have asked: “Why Alumim, why now?” Please click this link to view our answers to these questions:

The Oct 7th attack has decimated many communities, but they will never destroy our spirit. We stand together, as one Jewish community, ready to help all our family in Israel in this difficult time. Am Yisrael Chai.

Your help at every level is much appreciated by the members of Alumim and the people of Israel.

JNF-USA, a partner of Kibbutz Alumim is matching donations (up to a total of $500K) and sending funds from this campaign directly to the Kibbutz. JNF-USA is a top-rated 501c3 and receives the highest ratings from Charity Navigator.

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