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Each year, thousands of individuals from North America are making aliyah (choosing to immigrate to Israel) by choice through Nefesh B’Nefesh. Aliyah not only fuels Israel’s economy and builds community; it also creates a personal bond and a living bridge between Israel and communities abroad.

Through supporting the olim (new immigrants), you are taking part in the growth and success of Israel by investing in its most important resource: the people.

The Jewish National Fund-Nefesh B’Nefesh partnership brings your voice, your mindset, your ideas, and your values to Israel. Today we are fortunate to be able to write the next chapter in Israel’s remarkable story by bringing and supporting more innovators, educators, medical professionals, defenders, artists, families, and pioneers who are building the land of Israel. 

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Deena Intrator$36
Marc Gertz$1,000

In memory of Yulia Bat Fima. Also in honor of Eliana Dalfen and all of her hard work at JNF.

Elan Gibb$900
Alexander Kushkuley$36
Larissa Mamayan$200

Для Победы Украины!!!!

Linda Stein$50
Alan & Rochelle Karpman$1,000
Stacey and John Singer$200
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