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Brian Cohen

Brian Cohen

Hi Everyone,

In order to honor the memory of our Mom/Nana we’ve been trying to figure out the right organization that we can start a fundraiser that epitomizes who she was, what she loved and what she believed in.

Through the Jewish National Fund (JNF), we were introduced to The Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center. Given her love for children, horses and Israel, we quickly realized, this would be the perfect place to honor Marjorie B. Cohen.

Located outside of Eilat (on the Red Sea) in the southern most region of Israel, Red Mountain provides Equine Therapy Solutions for those with special needs. People, in particular children, with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, combined with complex medical conditions, are perhaps the most vulnerable members of society. They are also the most underestimated. Unable to express their feelings, needs, and wants, some of these children have been considered beyond hope of rehabilitation and development. The Red Mountain experience, however, proves otherwise; with the use of horses as well as intensive care and specialized treatments, the children are able to grow and develop beyond the boundaries of their prognoses. Results show that these extra treatments helped many of the riders learn how to stand, walk, and talk. More importantly, the treatments gave them the feeling of normalcy that was much missing from their lives.

Please consider donating and sharing with your family and friends. Many thanks in advance for your generous support.

Brian, Emet, Sam, Jack, Grace & Neli


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