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Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center (RMTRC) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1996 on the land of Kibbutz Grofit in order to provide a therapeutic solution for the special needs populations of the Arava and the city of Eilat. The RMTRC is the only organization of its kind in nearly 150 miles of the southern region of Israel.

People with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, combined with complex medical conditions, are perhaps the most vulnerable members of society. They are also the most underestimated. Unable to express their feelings, needs, and wants, some of these children have been considered beyond hope of rehabilitation and development. However, the RMTRC experience proves otherwise; with intensive care and specialized treatments, the children are able to grow and develop beyond the boundaries of their prognoses.

Results show that these extra treatments helped many of our riders to learn how to stand, walk, and talk. More importantly, the treatments gave them the feeling of normalcy that was much missing from their lives. 


Horse saddle pads for a barn. (Need 23)

Individualized program based on rider’s physical ability, balance and motor control.

Sponsor a group for one month of riding therapy and working together in a group riding session. The children also groom the horses, receive academic instruction and partake in ranch chores.

Sponsor one of our equine heroes who improves the lives of children and adults with special needs. Your gift underwrites the feed, hay, supplements, some tack, farrier fees and veterinarian “wellness” plan for one of our  equine ambassadors.
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