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Israel Resilience Campaign

Efrat Gilman Abby Leviss

Efrat Gilman Abby Leviss

Our home is under siege. As prepared as we wish we were, as hard as we worked to protect our family for this moment...we have more work to do. And we will prevail.

Jewish National Fund-USA has launched our "Israel Resilience Campaign" to support the thousands of people being forced to flee and evacuate their homes in the shadow of war with 100% of these funds being directed for immediate needs.

Our Israel-based Operations Team is managing support efforts in coordination with local mayors and community organizations as we address an array of immediate needs, including anticipated housing support for displaced families, activities for Israeli school children (schools are expected to be closed for the foreseeable future), bomb shelters, firefighting equipment, and more.

Now, and over the coming period, our Resilience Centers will be working around the clock to provide psychological support to children and adults affected by these devastating attacks.

One hundred and sixty students at our Alexander Muss High School in Israel are safe and sound. They are already planning to pack thousands of care packages for the communities they now have a lifelong bond with.

Because JNF-USA has developed ongoing, longstanding relationships with the communities on the border with Gaza, we are uniquely able to work with local communities to determine their immediate and critical needs. Right now, we have identified the following needs:

o Evacuation from hardest hit communities on the border, including transportation and emergency housing

o Firefighting and protective equipment to fight against the ongoing rocket fire destroying homes, buildings, and livelihoods

o Bedding and hygiene supplies for those displaced from their homes

o Psychological treatment for residents throughout the country in our resilience centers, rehabilitation hospital and for our 160 students in our High School in Israel program

o The promise to rebuild communities devastated by attacks, to keep their spirits and hope strong

As our friends in the Gaza Envelope told us, the time to mourn will come. But now, we must fight. With every fiber in our bodies and every means at our disposal, JNF-USA will continue to support our family in Israel’s south through this war today, and as we rebuild these devastated communities tomorrow.


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