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High Holiday Giving in Support Israel

Miami Dade

Miami Dade

I'm honored to connect the Miami-Dade community with Jewish National Fund-USA, an apolitical and non-denominational 501(c)(3) nationwide nonprofit organization. JNF-USA was an instrumental part in the founding of the State of Israel, its development, and the driving force today for its growth and quality of life for its citizens.

We plant trees in Israel, build houses and parks, source water solutions, support Fire & Rescue, and improve the lives of people with special needs.

We boost tourism, support immigration to Israel, promote Zionist education and engagement, build medical centers and trauma centers, fund agricultural and culinary research, we take Americans to Israel on trips at all stages of life, and operate the Alexander Muss High School in Israel, a high school study abroad program founded by Miamians.

On Sunday, September 12th we held our largest virtual event of the year, an evening of comedy, music, celebrities, heartwarming stories, and more.

Guardian of Israel Award Honoree
Noa Tishby

Entertainment Includes
Elon Gold • Rita • Eran Biderman
David Broza • Eden Alene • Shira Haas
Hadag Nahash • Idan Raichel and more..

The program highlighted our efforts to ignite Israeli innovation and industry, move population to Israel’s north and south by creating quality of life opportunities, how we ensure that no citizen is left behind, and connect the next generation to Israel through advocacy and education. Message me to see how you can get involved too.

Watch the program recording here:

Together, we can make a difference for the land and people of Israel!


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