A Cultural Journey into the Western Galilee

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A Cultural Journey into the Western Galilee

The Western Galilee Tourist Information Center is the gateway to region and instrumental in fostering co-existence between Arabs and Jews. It is home to local artists and small business owners. Tourism in the Western Galilee came to an abrupt halt, first with the COVID Pandemic and again during the recent conflict in Israel when the visitor center was vandalized not once, but twice. Together with our Arab neighbors we protected the center, but the damage was done. The building may have been damaged, but the hopes and dreams still live on.

Help us rebuild the region through the JNF-USA Western Galilee Tourist Information Center. All donations make a difference and below are just a few ways you can make an impact:

Community Builder ($25,000) – help bring the Music & Arts Festival that will showcase local artists, fuel the economy and attract tourists to the entire Western Galilee region. Your generosity will be recognized with your name permanently displayed in the magnificent Tourist Information Center.

Music Lover ($10,000) – will help us produce concerts at the Tourist Information Center, creating opportunities for local new talent, positioning it as a cultural hub for Akko and the surrounding region.

Art Enthusiast ($5,000) – boost the livelihood and help support local artists by bringing 6-month art exhibitions to the Tourist Information Center.

Business Maker ($1,800) – guarantee small business owners have access to the professional tools and services provided by Western Galilee Now Association.

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