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San Diego Leadership

San Diego Leadership

Imagine raising your family in a place where at any given moment, night or day, a siren could sound and you have 15 seconds to get your entire family into a bomb shelter no matter where you are... Imagine being a child growing up under unpredictable and incessant missile fire... While a bomb shelter is the safest place to be during an active attack, it's also one of the scariest places for children and those who suffer from PTSD. Bomb shelters are austere structures made of concrete that look very uninviting and are a constant reminder of hardship and conflict.

In alignment with JNF-USA's mission to make the Negev a vibrant place for communities, businesses and tourism, the JNF-USA Arts & Entertainment Taskforce has launched a wildly successful initiative that aims to beautify bomb shelters throughout the Gaza Envelope region. Beautifying a bomb shelter turns a scary structure that residents resent and fear into a fun and inspiring work of art that they love and appreciate.

Our JNF-USA San Diego leadership has set a goal to sponsor TWO shelters that will be dedicated on behalf of our San Diego leadership (Board of Directors, Women for Israel Committee, JNFuture Board).

Thank you for your leadership and support!


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