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Israel’s rich multi-cultural society is a spirited one, and Jewish National Fund-USA is committed to preserving it and helping it thrive. This is where you come in—our visionaries, artists, planners, and creative minds—the driving forces behind our initiative:
JNF-USA’s Arts & Entertainment Task Force.


Our goal is to bring cultural opportunities to underdeveloped communities in the north and south to help these areas grow through educational, economic and business opportunities, and increased cultural enrichment. Arts and entertainment therapeutic programs provide much-needed healing and respite for families living in border communities, who are often living under threat of rocket attack and suffer from ongoing post-traumatic stress disorder. With your commitment, we are working together to bring Israeli arts and culture to life both locally and abroad.
Beautification of Bomb Shelters
As part of our efforts to provide comfort and respite to those suffering from PTSD in the Gaza border communities, Jewish National Fund-USA works with local artists to paint murals on bomb shelters to beautify them and make them feel less threatening. The shelter-painting program allows artists and area children to create something beautiful and ease their stress. Each shelter costs $10,000 to beautify
 and are adorned with kid-friendly art and joyful scenes.
Danielle A. and Irving J. Grossman JNF Amphitheatre in Be’er Sheva
Jewish National Fund-USA built the largest amphitheater in Israel—12,000 seats—in the heart of the Be’er Sheva River Park.  JNF-USA often provides respite days and complimentary admission to residents of the Gaza Envelope suffering from PTSD, which helps relieve the stresses of their daily lives.

Sderot Indoor Recreation Center’s C. Hugh Friedman Music Program
Thousands of children pass through the doors of this secure indoor playground every year, enjoying the respite it offers from the trauma of life on the border with Gaza. One of its keystone programs is this music program, introducing the world of melody & harmony to Sderot’s youth. Funding helps to maintain this healing program and to cover the costs of instructors, lessons, instruments, and more.

  For more information and to get more involved, please contact:
Sharon Joy, National Campaign Director,

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