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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my program qualifies?
Can non-U.S. citizens participate in Dream Israel?
How much money can I earn through Dream Israel?
Why is there a fundraising requirement?
Is there a minimum number of donations that I need to meet my goal?
Can someone donate to my fundraising project via check?
How soon can I start fundraising for my trip?
When do I need to complete my fundraising and request the funds from the grant?
How do I request the grant money after I complete my fundraising?
Should I expect to receive a check for the full amount of my grant from Jewish National Fund?
I have never fundraised before. Does JNF have resources that I can use to help me meet my fundraising goal?
What happens if I don't reach the $2,500 minimum fundraising goal?
Can I apply for financial aid or scholarships in addition to participating in Dream Israel?
Is team fundraising allowed? I have friends/siblings going to Israel at the same time as me and we want to pool our fundraising efforts and totals?
What happens if the program I signed up for gets cancelled?
What if I start fundraising and then change my mind or am not accepted to the school of my choice? Can the donations that have been given on my behalf be returned to the donors?