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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my program qualifies?
Can non-U.S. citizens participate in Dream Israel?
How much money can I earn through Dream Israel?
Why is there a fundraising requirement?
Is there a minimum number of donations that I need to meet my goal?
Can someone donate to my fundraising project via check?
How soon can I start fundraising for my trip?
When do I need to complete my fundraising and request the funds from the grant?
How do I request the grant money after I complete my fundraising?
Should I expect to receive a check for the full amount of my grant from Jewish National Fund?
I have never fundraised before. Does JNF have resources that I can use to help me meet my fundraising goal?
What happens if I don't reach the $2,500 minimum fundraising goal?
Can I apply for financial aid or scholarships in addition to participating in Dream Israel?
Is team fundraising allowed? I have friends/siblings going to Israel at the same time as me and we want to pool our fundraising efforts and totals?
What happens if the program I signed up for gets cancelled?