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My Jewish National Fund Initiative Planting Trees In Israel

Amelie Beraznik

Amelie Beraznik

For my Bat Mitzvah project, I am focusing on tree conservation and restoration, I am hoping to raise money to conserve natural ecosystems, and biodiversity, and help stop climate change.

This is so important to me because the planet is changing and trees are crucial for our ecosystem to thrive. Animals, endangered species, and humans are being affected by this change. Trees are the core essential of life, everything is dependent on them as the heartbeat keeping the diverse plants and animals alive and flourishing.

When our family was on a trip to Ecuador I learned that some beautiful forests that we hiked, swam, and stayed in once were in very different conditions. The trees had been cut down and there were nothing but tree stumps left. I was intrigued by the fact that such an incredible change was made when people decided that they wanted to work together and make a difference. This inspired me, and today there are still forests that can be restored if we work together to make a change.

I became aware of the JNF fund and its focus on trees through my great-grandfather, (my father's grandfather) Louis Engelberg, and his passion for planting trees in Israel. I am proud to raise money for JNF and follow in his footsteps knowing he put a lot of trust into this organisation.

Please help me support the cause of planting trees by contributing to this fundraiser, so together we can plant trees in Israel, and make a difference!


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