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Strengthening Gaza Border Communities
As part of its Blueprint Negev initiative to improve the quality of life for all Israelis, Jewish National Fund continuously focuses on improving the livability of the Gaza Envelope communities, located less than four miles from the border with Gaza. For more than 15 years, residents living here have endured continual attacks from the bordering Gaza Strip. Children and adults alike suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Even during periods of relative quiet, when reports of rockets attacks don’t make the headlines, they continue to occur.
PTSD Therapy and Resilience Centers
The ongoing state of emergency has led to an entire population suffering from the effects of trauma, including bedwetting, clinging to parents, excessive weeping, night terrors, hypervigilance, insomnia, anxiety, and more. Additionally, children in the region suffer from learning disabilities and ADHD. To ease the stress, Jewish National Fund invests in resilience centers, animal assisted therapy programs, and other learning-based programs to help the communities heal and grow.
Funding Opportunities

$1800 Student Leadership Scholarship for One Year

Sponsor leadership development for youth in the Gaza Envelope area through affiliate Green Horizons. Covers the cost of camping trips that promote self-confidence, independence, and social responsibility.
$2500 Sponsor a child at the JNF Sderot Animal Therapeutic Center
Fund 24 sessions for one child over the course of a year to help improve emotions, social, and cognitive functioning through therapy with animals.
$3600 Sponsor Family Therapy at the Eshkol Resilience Center
Fund 12 sessions of family therapy at the Eshkol Resilience Center, helping adults and children alike overcome PTSD.
Fire and Rescue Services
Of particular importance to this region is fire and rescue equipment to protect the land and people from fires that start from missile attacks and, more recently, fires caused by flaming kites sent from across the border. Farmers rely heavily on volunteers to put out fires, but their equipment wears down quickly.
Funding Opportunity

$5000 Fire Fighting Equipment

Provide equipment such as specialty masks, heat-resisting uniform, oxygen, radios and first aid.
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