Galilee Culinary Institute by Jewish National Fund

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Galilee Culinary Institute by JNF

Jewish National Fund-USA is investing in the future development of new communities in the Greater Kiryat Shmona area; this vision includes the Galilee Culinary Institute located on the eastern side of the Galilee. 
Why Culinary? The region is ripe for food and agricultural businesses as well as technology centers, including the Beit Asher Food Technology and Innovation Center which is also a Jewish National Fund-USA initiative. Top produce in Israel comes from the north as well as students and research from Tel Hai College and the Migal Galilee Research Institute. The area also is home to over 80 different ethnicities which provides a unique culinary learning opportunity for our students. With affordable living, tax incentives and new businesses focused around food, agriculture and technology, the region is now a focal point for investment from other major industry players such as OurCrowd, Tnuva, Tempo and others turning the area into a Culinary and Food Capital of Israel (and the world). No longer will students and top professionals need to leave the north in order to make a living.



Provide culinary equipment to enhance the hands-on learning of Galilee Culinary Institute students.  

Provide critical scholarship assistance to aid students with tuition costs and enable them to fulfill their dreams of entering the culinary field. 
raised of $100,000 goal

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David and Anthony$250

Donating to celebrate our friend Sheryl’s birthday today! She has big dreams for the GCI and the will to see those dreams become reality.

Nicholas Lenchich$5,000

From the Dalton School

Prime Barrel / Jews & Booze$1,000

Glad to support your mission. Follow us on IG @theprimebarrel

Cynthia J Goodman$1,000

In memory of Shirley Bass.

Alvan and Suzanne Morris$100
Alex Moreno$1,000
Robert Ganz$100
David Kulak$750

Thanks for the spice lesson. We can’t wait to learn more in the new institute

Tsur Reiss$100

בהצלחה Tsur , Julia and Ariella

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