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Nourishing the Hearts of Heroes: Support Shabbat Meals for Israeli Soldiers!

Nathan Hoffman

Nathan Hoffman

My name is Nathan Hoffman, and I am the CEO of the Galilee Culinary Institute by Jewish National Fund USA. I am reaching out to you with a heartfelt request for support as we strive to provide Shabbat meals for IDF soldiers stationed in Northern Israel.

In the face of recent challenges, my wife, Yehudis, took a leadership role in responding to the urgent needs of our community in Tzvat. As the war unfolded, requests for Shabbat meals became increasingly prevalent, and our family, passionate about hosting Shabbat gatherings and creating delicious meals, felt compelled to act.

What began as a mission to cater to those with strict kosher requirements quickly expanded to encompass all soldiers, regardless of dietary restrictions. Our goal is to offer a taste of Shabbat to those who endure less-than-ideal dining conditions throughout the week. To achieve this, we provide two meals, one for Shabbat evening and another for Shabbat day, each crafted with attention to flavor and flair.

Our initiative began with 120 soldiers and has since grown to support approximately 550 soldiers across 7-8 different locations. The demand for our Shabbat meals continues to rise, highlighting our significant impact on the well-being of our brave servicemen and women.

While the community's generosity of friends and family has sustained the project, the growing number of soldiers we aim to serve has outpaced our current funding capacity. This is where we need your help.

It costs between $7,000-$8,000 USD every Shabbat depending on the weekend and how many soldiers are still on "base". Each group of soldiers is sent enough food for both Friday night dinner and Shabbat lunch. 100% of your donation is going towards food and the basic costs for getting so many of our soldiers fed. We are volunteering our time and energy, but need help to fund the basic costs.

Most of the food is prepared by our dedicated volunteers, who work tirelessly to create handmade dishes that bring joy to those serving our country. However, due to our current limitations, we are purchasing main dishes like Schnitzel at cost, emphasizing our commitment to delivering quality meals to those who deserve them most.

Your support will make a tangible difference in these soldiers' lives and contribute to our mission's success. We believe that every soldier deserves a taste of Shabbat, and with your help, we can continue to provide them with these moments of comfort and connection.

Thank you so much for considering our request and supporting the beautiful cause of bringing Shabbat meals to IDF soldiers in Northern Israel.

With gratitude,

Nathan Hoffman
CEO, Galilee Culinary Institute by Jewish National Fund USA


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