Nourishing the Hearts of Heroes: Support Shabbat Meals for Israeli Soldiers!

GCI Hoffman

GCI Hoffman

At the onset of the war, we embarked on a mission close to our hearts—ensuring that soldiers on reserve duty, who had been living on a steady diet of tuna, could savor the warmth of home-cooked Shabbat meals. What began as a modest effort to provide mehadrin food has blossomed into a passionate initiative led by Yehudis and a group of women in Tzfat.

Now, every week, we lovingly prepare nearly 1,000 meals for our Chayalim, our soldiers, making sure that the joy of Shabbat reaches them, whether they follow a kosher diet or not.

We need YOUR financial help, to sustain this heartfelt project!

Every Shabbat, it costs between $7,000 and $8,000 USD, depending on the weekend and the number of soldiers on the base. Your donation, in its entirety, goes directly toward covering the essential costs of providing these nourishing meals. We volunteer our time and energy, driven by a shared commitment to bringing a taste of home to our brave soldiers. (I will be buying a commercial-sized oven so I can make cooking more efficient. We have a TINY oven, which makes cooking 40 filets of salmon and a lot of other food really hard and very time-consuming).

Imagine the scene: these soldiers, many living in tents far from home, their ability to warm food limited by the lack of electricity. That's why we strive to send them meals that are not only delicious when hot but remain tasty even when enjoyed cold. In addition to Shabbat meals, I would like to send hot soup once a week to the soldiers living in pitched tents in the forest. They need a little extra to keep them going!

Recently, we received information indicating that the soldiers are anticipating an extended stay of at least 5 more months, if not longer. In light of this, we recognize the urgent need to launch a more substantial campaign to meet the escalating demands. We invite you to be part of a deeply personal movement that feeds both body and soul. Your donation makes a profound impact, allowing our soldiers to experience Shabbat with extra joy, a sense of connection, and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for joining hands with us to make this personal and meaningful experience possible. Every cent of your donation is devoted to ensuring our soldiers enjoy a warm and uplifting Shabbat.

With love and gratitude,
Nathan & Yehudis Hoffman


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