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HaShomer HaChadash is a volunteer recruitment organization dedicated to safeguarding the land and farms in the Negev and Galilee and upholding Zionist ideals on which Israel was founded. Volunteers watch 47 Farmland posts that help protect over 145,000 acres of farmland from illegal seizures, thefts, arson, and vandalism, all while teaching love of the land to over 11,000 youth annually.


Sponsor an unmanned, remote-control drone used to safeguard agricultural land from crime and provide valuable data during emergencies. 

Support the cost of one student for one year at Adam V’Adama, including curriculum, educational counseling, travel fees, food, and accommodation. 

Purchase training services for 2 young leadership communities and cultivate a new generation of leaders.

$5,000  - YOUTH RANCH
Establish a youth ranch in the Negev or Galilee to benefit the local community and provide education on the importance of local agriculture and produce.
raised of $100,000 goal

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Adam Brenner$180
ABram I Bohrer$500

In Honor of Saul Burian's 60th Birthday and for K'elal Yisrael

Jay weinberger$1,000

Happy Birthday Saul!

Carrie & Ari Hirschfeld$1,000

Happy 60th birthday . Looking forward to celebrating many more healthy years together. Love, Carrie and Ari

David Salemi$500
Atara Burian$180

Happy 60th to the best of the best!!

Eden Fischman$150

Happy Birthday Saul!

Ann Preis$900

Thank you for a wonderful evening! We hope you have many more celebrations in the years to come.

Dan Kamensky$360
Bruce Allerhand$180
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