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My Team Israel / Project Baseball Fundraising Page

Reagan Weil

Reagan Weil

This July, 24 players will represent Team Israel at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but they need one more.

YOU are Team Israel's 25th player!

When the Israeli Baseball Team earned its way to Tokyo, it became the first Israeli team to qualify for the Summer Games in a team sport. Israel's Olympic budget cannot cover a team of 24 players this summer.

Enter Jewish National Fund-USA.

Every dollar donated through this page will go directly to traveling expenses for the Olympic team. In supporting their journey to Tokyo, we are with them in the dugout.

As part of a six-team field, we have a 50% chance of winning a medal. But wouldn't it be amazing to hear Hatikvah played on the podium!

Join us. Help elevate Israel on the world athletics stage.

Be Team Israel's 25th player!



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