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As jobs are the first consideration for young adults when deciding where to live after graduating, making high quality employment opportunities available is critical in encouraging people to come to Israel’s north and south. The Lauder Employment Center was founded in 2015 to address the fundamental element of employment in bringing people to the Negev. Currently, the LEC acts as an overarching body in the creation of partnerships between Negev employers, employment agencies, and potential employees. The Center maintains relationships with over 300 employers and works with thousands of job seekers to facilitate easier access to job opportunities and quality candidates. This success and working model are being replicated in the Galilee, with LEC North to be located in Akko.
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Our response to the coronavirus crisis has been critical in helping residents of the Negev, who even before the crisis, were experiencing much higher unemployment rates than the rest of the country. We have been working around the clock to help train employers and employees alike to work remotely with webinars, forums, and consultation from our network of employment experts.
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