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Special in Uniform

As the Coronavirus the volunteers soldiers of Special in Uniform IDF Home Front Command has been assisting the national effort to contain the spread of the virus in the country by packed and replenished testing and emergency kits. The soldiers’ previous experience preparing emergency and crisis kits made them priority workers for the job! Special in Uniform’s soldiers demonstrated their capacities and exemplary dedication with their conscientious, patient and persistent approach to a job that requires long hours of repetitive work.

Please help me support the heroes of Israel by making a contribution to my fundraiser page and sharing this page with your family and friends. With your support and involvement we will continue to stand together as a community, providing care and support, for them and each other. 

Together, we will continue to exhibit the Jewish traits of resilience, unity, and hope, proving once again, that community is a function of resolve, not proximity!


Support a class to teach sign language to soldiers and commanders to eliminate the barriers of hearing loss.

$2,500 – INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS TRAINING PER SOLDIER Training includes skills in daily life, safety, and well-being, self-advocacy/self-determination, communication, and household management.

This 8-month program helps develop the correct attitude and ability with which to treat dogs for service in the IDF and Border Patrol: directing a dog, operating dog kennels: cleaning, feeding, and basic dog training.

At the core of Special in Uniform’s success is the warm, personal relationship that develops between the staff and the soldiers with special needs. Forge a special relationship of your own by “adopting” one of Special in Uniform’s soldiers and sponsoring their needs for one year that will help him or her grow and develop

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Michele London$180

In honor and memory of our beloved son, Josh Gabriel Raphael London

Sara Silver$100
Megan & Dan Shtutman$1,800

Thank you for all that you do! Please direct this donation to Special in Uniform.

Ilene and Rob Adler$1,800
Tom Bookey$15,000
Maggie & Martin Craig$20,000
Michael Frazin$10,000
Lori Dekalo$5,000
Family Foundation$36,000
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