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Nina Paul

Nina Paul

I hope you and your families are doing well. This pandemic is challenging on so many levels. I continue to plug away at my volunteer work with Jewish National Fund. It keeps me sane and Israel in a better place!
This year, we are hosting our 2nd annual SPECTACULAR SUNDAY event on Sept. 12, 2021 at 7pm -9pm EST. This will be an evening of COMEDY (which we all need at this time), MUSIC, CELEBRITIES, HEARTWARMING STORIES, and more.
JNF continues to focus on our signature programs that ignite innovation and Industry. Together with our 40 partnerships (affiliates) in Israel, we continue to move people from the crowded central of Israel-Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa- to the south( NEGEV) and the north (THE GALILEE) by creating quality of life opportunities. We place great emphasis on our next generation through our many ADVOCACY and EDUCATION programs. We leave no Israeli citizen behind by providing amazing facilities and programs for people with "different" abilities. This is just to name a few of our initiatives to improve the quality of life of every Israeli-Jew, Christian and Muslim.
Please join me and watch on Facebook or Youtube -facebook.com/jewishnationalfund or youtube.com/jewishnationalfund.
This year we have a very generous match of $1.5 million dollars so your donation will go twice as far!
Together we can make a difference! Sending warm wishes for a Shana Tovah! Stay safe and healthy! Nina


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