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If sports have the power to transcend cultures and countries, then playing for a national team has the power to transform hearts and minds.
This is a story about Jewish girls and young women on journeys of self-discovery.  It is also a story about elite athletes using the game they love to forge deeper and stronger connections to their Jewish identity and the country of Israel.  For many, it is a story about “coming home” by representing Israel at the highest levels of international competition.
To realize these dreams, we need your support.  More than fifty girls and young women, ages 11 to 26, are currently preparing mentally and physically to represent Israel and the world Jewish community at the following upcoming events:

  • Women's U15 European Championships (Prague, Czechia, July 2024)
  • Women's U22 European Championships (Kutno, Poland, August 2024)
  • European Softball Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy (U13, Collecchio, Italy, August 2024)
  • Women's European Softball Championships (Utrecht, the Netherlands, September 2024)
  • Canada Cup, where the Women's & U19 National Teams will face many of the world's top teams (Vancouver, July 2024)

The Women's National Team is on a mission to qualify for the LA28 Olympics, and participation in these events is critical to realizing this incredible goal.

With limited financial support from the Israeli government, these young ambassadors for Israel must rely on the generosity of family, friends, and supporters like you.  Your contribution, no matter the amount, is deeply appreciated and plays a crucial role in making our dreams of winning the European Championships,  a World Championship, and, ultimately, an Olympic medal a reality. Please consider giving today. All donations are tax-deductible.


raised of $100,000 goal

Recent Donations

Kristina Sherman$25
Alex Dovgalevsky$50
Tobi & Gregg Feldman$25
Emuna Rosenblum israel$100
Spencer Mertens$25
Kylie Simon$100
קרולין אגמי$25
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