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Suffolk Y JCC - Commack, NY Tu Bishvat in Schools Fundraising Page

Suffolk Y JCC - Commack, NY

Plant Trees in Israel

Tu BiShvat, the original Earth Day, marks the onset of spring, a time of hope and renewal. There’s no better way to show you believe in light and life over darkness, than by planting trees in Israel.

This Tu BiShvat, you can help rehabilitate the Be’eri Forest, located alongside the region bordering Gaza, which suffered the most brutal massacre in Israel’s history on October 7 and is still enduring the consequences of rocket attacks and war. You can mark the “new year for the trees” and the start of 2024 with a glimmer of hope, and the promise to replant, restore, and revitalize 120 acres of the Be’eri Forest.

In addition, this year it is more important than ever to plant:
To show your love for our homeland
• In recognition of brave IDF soldiers and those on the frontlines
• As a beacon of hope for the hostages and their families
• As a memorial to someone who passed away
• In honor of your heroes and the important people in your life

Celebrate life.

Plant trees now.


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