Ramat HaNegev

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About Ramat HaNegev:

Our beautiful council is located in the heart of the desert, covering approximately 22% of the total area of the State of Israel. The council is home to 15 diverse communities and about 8,000 residents who live together and help realize David Ben-Gurion’s vision of settling and developing the Negev.

Some of Israel’s most advanced and impressive enterprises were established and operate here in one of the State’s most remote areas: innovative agri-tech, Institutes for Desert Research, International Agriculture Training Center (one of the world’s most advanced renewable energy facility), and an innovative education lab.

Our communities are constantly developing and growing thanks to the high quality of life, the quality of the people, and the privilege of continuing the Zionist work of making the Negev bloom and thus strengthen the home of the Jewish people.


Funds technology needs at the Mitzpe Ramon Innovation Center, including Internet, smart boards, furnishings, meeting spaces, and community spaces.

Provide ropes, harnesses, field computers, and GPS equipment and more for critical rescues through the Har HaNegev Search and Rescue Education Center.

Provide special needs accessible playground equipment at the Yerucham River Park. 

$5,000 – PICNIC AREAS 
Enable the creation of a family gathering and picnic area within the Yerucham River Park, including seating, shade, that will be fully accessible to people of all abilities.
raised of $100,000 goal

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