Jewish National Fund's Spectacular Sunday

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Listen to the recording on YouTube and Facebook.

Welcome to what will be the biggest day in fundraising in Jewish National Fund history!

A day of music, comedy, celebrities, heartwarming stories… all to support the land and people of Israel – now and always!

Today, we – you – are needed more than ever.
We are working to raise $1 million for our essential mission to support the land and people of Israel at this critical time. Over the past few months, Jewish National Fund and its affiliates on the ground in Israel have touched the lives of over 100,000 people by:
  • • Supporting information hotlines
  • • Food distribution
  • • Providing medical supplies
  • • Giving emotional support and home visits to vulnerable groups and  the elderly
  • • Distributing thousands of activity kits for kids forced to stay at home
  • • Organizing babysitting services to hundreds of medical staff children throughout the country
  • • Distributing over 2,500 tablets and personal computers for youth with special needs
  • • Providing food security saving hundreds of tons of locally grown produce and aid to farmers
  • • Helping IDF Lone Soldiers and so much more…
Now, we need to focus on rebuilding the Israeli economy and getting back to our signature programs that ignite Israeli innovation and industry, move population to Israel’s north and south by creating quality of life opportunities, ensure that no citizen is left behind, and connect the next generation to Israel through advocacy and education.
Help us reach every corner of the United States, from Arizona to Oklahoma, the Cities of Angels and Brotherly Love, The Show Me and Volunteer States, Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere in between.
Join us!
raised of $1,000,000 goal
3,003 Fundraisers received

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Daniel B Yaffe$1,000

Help in finding your web site by Dr Ken Wellish

Ben Beshear$250
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To the Glory of the Eternal Jewish Nation!

Zane Blechner$1,000
Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation$2,000
Marie Krulewitch-Browne$36

This was an awesome program!! Would love to help spread Naftali's story!

Diana Stewart$180



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