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Jewish National Fund works to raise public awareness of historic sites, restore and preserve them, and develop and operate visitor centers throughout Israel, thus increasing visitation and elevating the importance of Israel’s history to residents and tourists alike. This is achieved through the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS), an independent nonprofit organization established in 1984 that works to locate, restore and preserve heritage sites across Israel. It oversees more than 180 heritage sites around the country, running 10 of these sites directly. Millions of visitors come to the different sites each year, learning about Israel’s Pathway to Independence. 

Israel’s heritage sites had to once again close their doors to the public in September due to the Covid19 pandemic. What is usually a busy holiday season at the sites has been confined to the virtual realm of social media and memories. But even though visitors are away at the moment, the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS) is working tirelessly to prepare for the day everyone returns to the sites.
SPIHS sees the current situation as the perfect opportunity to implement development and improvement plans in the sites, plans that otherwise could take much longer. So, when the heritage sites reopen, school groups, soldiers, seniors, tourists and families with young children can enjoy new and engaging experiences and we can continue to preserve and share Israel’s history in the best ways possible, offering something for everyone and welcoming all sectors of society with safe, sanitized and accessible sites.



Sponsor the testimonial recording of one of the 130,000 clandestine immigrants (many of whom were Holocaust survivors) who made the perilous journey to Israel, and create a personal connection between the donor and this story.

$2,500 – CONNECT YOUTH TO ISRAEL’S HISTORY (PER CLASS)  Classes from schools from all over Israel can be involved in the history and preservation of a chosen historical site through educational programs that allow them to experience preservation in action and create a personal connection with the site and Israel’s history. 

An educational program for people with cognitive disabilities, designed in collaboration with JNF affiliate LOTEM-Making Israel Accessible, to ensure that each heritage site meets the needs of visitors with cognitive disabilities so that all visitors have the chance to tour and learn about Israel’s heritage. 

Sponsor the physical improvements of a heritage site, which includes restoring its physical condition, providing new furniture, upgrading an exhibit, and improving signage and landscaping. 
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