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A Computer for Every Child with Special Needs
LOTEM is coordinating the purchase of computers and tablets for Israel’s children with special needs who are now homebound. With COVID-19’s impact on our health and economy, a growing segment of our diverse society just doesn’t have the financial ability for this expenditure.

With schools and nonessential businesses closed, parents for children with special needs are faced with helping their families adjust to the new normal. This includes trying to keep the children occupied, feeling safe, and attempting to keep their education and growth on the right path. Within this population, there are hundreds of children in Israel who do not have a computer or tablet at home. These children need their routine, they need to connect with their primary caregivers, and have a social connection. If these kids can't come to school, with your help we will reach them! LOTEM is coordinating the national project, "A Computer for Every Child." The goal is to provide computers/Tablets for 200 special needs children who are enrolled in the project through their schools and are begging to receive a computer.
10 children – $18,000
3 children – $5,400
1 child – $1,800


A safe and restorative day-long experience outdoors for mothers and their children who are victims of domestic violence that includes hiking, cooking, and art workshops that help promote trust and self-confidence. 

A weekly social and educational in-school program allows individuals who cannot leave their indoor environments on a regular basis to come closer to nature in a fun, creative, and informal learning environment.  

LOTEM's in person training center trains professionals from government, private sectors, high-tech, and service industries, and medical and educations fields how to best integrate those with special needs into Israeli society. 

Trips are customized to the needs of the students, with a strong emphasis on sensory learning, baking bread and seasoning it with herbs, and making olive oil by picking the olives and grinding them using a physically accessible olive press wheel. 

 The picture above is of Priel, a 21-year-old blind girl with cognitive disabilities, who got a tablet from us, so she can listen to music and download special apps for the blind.
raised of $100,000 goal

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Congratulations to you both! Your hard work has certainly paid off.

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In recognition of a fine young man on his Bar Mitzvah

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With love and pride from Mommy.

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Keep up the great work! Congratulations to the both of you

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What a wonderful Mitzvah project! With lots of love, The Ix Family

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