Jewish National Fund Go North: Western Galilee Now

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Jewish National Fund Go North: Western Galilee Now

Western Galilee Now, is a consortium of small business around the Galilee as well as social businesses and kibbutzim that turned to tourism as their source of income.

By helping these businesses grow through means of training and marketing, they employ more people which enables them to stay in the region and for some to move and live in the region.
The number 1 reason that stops people from moving to live in the Galilee is the lack of employment. Making sure there are more and more working places, is important part of the puzzle of the initiative of Go North.

Tourism is the backbone of the economy in the Western Galilee. 40% of the population depends on tourism as their source of employment. Once the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) started showing signs in Israel in March, Tourism was struck immediately! As with other industries in Israel, the spread of the coronavirus has badly battered tourism, maybe worse than any other industry - as it has all over the world.

By helping these businesses now, we enable them to bounce back to their working life and re-employ all their staff and employees that have been sent home in March and rebuild the economy in the region.


$1800 –
Western Galilee Now membership
Sponsor a 12 month Western Galilee Now membership to help a family business to receive support with business development, marketing skills, training in sales and customer service.
$2500 - "Exposure tours" for tour guides and tour agents
Sponsor 2 exposure one-day tours of the Galilee for tour guides and tourism operators from Israel.
$3600 - "Hop on hop off" bus tours from Akko to the Western Galilee
1st time in Israel! Regional site seeing with "hop on hop off" bus for tourists and licensed tour guide to explore the Galilee’s magic. 2-3 buses per day (including the bus and tour guides).
$5000 - Art Exhibit at the Space Gallery sponsorship
Sponsor a 6-month art exhibit at the JNF Western Galilee Tourist Center 
raised of $100,000 goal


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Recent Donations

Susan Berk$3,600
Gerald Bell$1,000
Karen T Scates$100

Proud to support this unique arts program in the memory of my friend, Lee Berk

Yael Hecht$200
Kayla Ganz$36

Happy Mother's Day D! Thank you SO MUCH for all the ways you support us and our family. We Love You! Love, the kids & grands :)

Paula Garrick Klein$500
Michael Boni$2,000
ilene stallman$100

Thank You

Sharon Joy$500

In honor of our Arts & Entertainment task force family believing in the power of the arts to help heal.

Dorothy & Rob Ganz$100
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