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The people of Israel have made Israel what it is today; from an underdeveloped nation absorbing immigrants from around the world, we have made Israel vital and thriving thanks to its people. The strategic vision of Jewish National Fund has been, and continues to be, to ensure a strong, secure, and prosperous future for the land and people of Israel. This is what MAKOM is all about—the people of Israel making Israel thrive, together with you.
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Saul M. Korin$25
Helaine Sugarman$100
Perri and Ira$36

Continued Hatzlacha!!!

Stewart Whipple$25

Blessed are Those whom come in the Namoe of Lord . No weapon formed against Israel so prosper from the sea to the river Israel will be free shalom


For a happy and peaceful Peaach

Harriet Merkowitz$25
Dr Robin Santiago$54
Jana Gersten$36
Lisa Rappoport$100
Robert Weber$200
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