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The people of Israel have made Israel what it is today; from an underdeveloped nation absorbing immigrants from around the world, we have made Israel vital and thriving thanks to its people. The strategic vision of Jewish National Fund has been, and continues to be, to ensure a strong, secure, and prosperous future for the land and people of Israel. This is what MAKOM is all about—the people of Israel making Israel thrive, together with you.

MAKOM's Response to COVID-19 Hunger Relief
Almost 1 million people have lost their jobs or have been furloughed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Thousands of individuals and families are unable to put food on their tables daily. 

Unfortunately, Israel does not have a national program to make sure no one goes hungry. MAKOM communities have stepped up and are responding to the immediate need by operating community food pantries. 

You can help ensure that they can continue to provide food to those in need. A donation of $10,000 will provide 250 food packages including: pasta, rice, coffee, ketchup, sugar, flour, powdered chocolate milk, tomato sauce, canned corn, chocolate spread, cornflakes, powdered soup mix, chocolate, potato chips, one type of fruit, 5 different vegetables, and one chicken.


Provide Hebrew language education to groups of immigrants and Druze, assisting with their integration into society.

Provide activities for elderly in small groups, including lectures, enrichment classes, accessing services, volunteer and engagement opportunities in order to increase interaction and connection to those that are lonely.

Enable children and youth from disadvantaged homes and neighborhoods to participate in after-school programs, providing hot meals, mentoring, tutoring and positive enrichment to impact their lives for the future. 

Provide workshops on topics relating to marriage and parenting, activities for families and also serving as an information center for new families that need assistance after moving to a new city. 

You can help ensure that they can continue to provide food to those in need. A donation of $10,000 will provide 250 food packages.
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Abe and Renee Fishweicher$500
Melanie Bergman$36

To honor Audrey RyanLove you now and forever

Eric Adelman$50
Judith Banks$50
Ellen L Barrie$300
Jenny Stadler$72


Theodore Banks$100
Ellen Keith$50
Emily Edelstein$180
Riva Feiner$25

Happy Pesach to the Makom community.

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